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And So It Has Been Declared

From Janis Ian’s Facebook page.
Suggested modifications:
*people at bars
*your favorite local bookstore
Yes, can this be a thing? What book would you buy someone you just met?


From Janis Ian’s Facebook page.

Suggested modifications:

*people at bars

*your favorite local bookstore

Yes, can this be a thing? What book would you buy someone you just met?

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Layouts from a classic, 2-D animated TV show.


Four of my favorite covers from Japanese editions of some Bruce Sterling books. I like that Schismatrix translates as ‘Graphics wound matrix’ and Involution Ocean comes out as ‘Sea of dust whale’.

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Here’s a board game that I’ve been noodling with called Wizard Sailing.

Man I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to make a working board game by myself. It feels like I’m as unlikely to make a board game than I am to make a video game, like I’m missing some fundamental math skills, or that I don’t “think in games” like I know some designers do. HOWEVER this is a lot of fun and I’m going to keep noodling with it.

Haha okay, so Wizard Sailing DID NOT WORK. The elements listed here functioned alright but there was a whole other part of the game (including cards the cards and a player board shown in the photo above) that were a disaster. I have some new ideas to try, so here’s hoping for the next version of this.

Things to develop still.
1). Figure out penalties for when boats hit rocks, and each other.
2). Figure out how the game begins, how to simulate the chaotic start of a real sailing race.
3). Figure out the point system.

and, most importantly,

4). Make it feel more wizardy! One thing I want to do when I re-develop the cards and the player boards is to make a spell system that feels good, and figure out spells (like rock formations, wind control, second boats, torpedoes etc.) and how to make the spells fun without having the game turn into a random pile.

But yeah! I’m going to keep plugging at this.

One of the things that I love about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is the sheer weirdness and ridiculousness of the special moves that the characters use. And even though the “Stand” has become the signature power, I will always have a heart for the “Ripple” technique.

Animation Producer Arthur Rankin, Jr. (1924-2014)



Producer Arthur Rankin, Jr. - of the producing team Rankin-Bass - has passed away. Among his films and TV specials, the iconic Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty The Snowman and Mad Monster Party.

Rankin died following a bout of illness yesterday morning in his…

Damn… Animation is an important thing to me and here is someone who helped foster my imagination as a child. It’s sad to see you go, but I’m glad for all the things you had brought to my life.


Stockholm-based illustrator Kilian Eng certainly loves the ’80s. With a special interest in sci-fi and surrealism, he wears his influence on his neon colored, crystallized illustrations. The Swedish graphic artist’s work is like an escape to an outer space fantasy world where vintage synthesizers provide the daily soundtrack.

It comes as no surprise that Eng is quite prolific with artwork campaigns for like-minded alternative synth-pop musicians like M83, Caotico, Le Prix, Tesla Boy, Lazer Sword and more.

Full article: http://goo.gl/OmTl66

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When I emailed my boyfriend to find out if he had given our cat his pill.....


From the Prison Journal of Sir Rufus of Nubbington, Day 2574 of the Long Sentence:

The strange whiteness has returned. The madness again takes the two legged captors. From my window I watch the furless giants, gathered in extra skins, begin to groom those poor undead abominations they force to…

Ha, ha, ha! Never a dull moment around here…